Mozilla Projects I Might Work On

Potential Mozilla projects to work on

HTML Bleaching in JavaScript

This would be an interesting and useful project to be a part of since I would use this myself.  As far as I know, this project aims to take malicious script code out of HTML5 using JavaScript only.   Searching around the web I wasn't able to find any JavaScript library that had such functionality.

The current HTML bleaching library is written in python.  It is quite comprehensive in terms of functionality and documentation.  Converting this library to JavaScript would mean that such bleaching can be in the browser directly.

Thimble UI improvements

I have recently been getting interested in user interfaces, how they look and operate.  Thimble is an online HTML editor that renders the HTML code live in a second pane.  The editor also interprets JavaScript code that is inserted into the HTML tags.

The user interface for thimble is very basic and not very responsive.  The editor has the undo, redo, text size change and hints features.  However, its biggest feature is live preview.  The UI of the editor needs to be changed so it will be able to adapt to any new features more easily.  The current UI is not responsive, for example the show hints check box overlaps the text size menu when the browser width is small enough.

Popcorn Maker Improvements and fixes

Popcorn Maker is an online dynamic content creation tool.  It supports several forms of media including images, video, online links, and more.  The UI makes it easy to create various projects using the tools that are provided.

Popcorn Maker already has great tools and excellent features but there is still room for improvement.  For example, the canvas, the area where the content is displayed, size is not adjustable.  Furthermore,  the canvas placement is fixed so when UI is fully expanded, it covers up the canvas, somewhat blocking the content.

Improve Webmaker for Mobile/Tablets

As smart phones and tablets become more and more common the web needs to be adapted to the smaller form factor.  Webmaker is a huge website with multiple functions and even bigger community.

Thus adopting it to mobile platforms will be a equally huge challenge and a perfect learning experience.  Since mobile technology is becoming more common, converting existing websites to mobile and making adaptive/responsive UI will be a useful skill to have.

Integrate Firefox Dev Tools with Webmaker Publishing and MakeAPI

Firefox has become one of the most used browsers in the world; not only by average user but also by developers.  That's why Firefox has created some in depth developer tools and can expand on them further with Webmaker tools.

Integrating publishing tools and creation tools straight into Firefox will make it an even more powerful web browser for developers.  Such integration would mean the web browser will have the capability of changing code and submitting back to the server all from within the web browser.  Creating such functionality would be an excellent learning experience for working with APIs and code publishing.