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Octoverse: The state of open source and rise of AI in 2023
In this year’s Octoverse report, we study how open source activity around AI, the cloud, and Git are changing the developer experience.


Astro 4.0 | Astro
Astro 4.0 is here! New APIs, faster builds, redesigned docs, and a unique new Dev Toolbar for Astro that enhances your local dev environment in new and exciting ways.
Examples of Great URL Design
Writing about the big beautiful mess that is making things for the world wide web.
Font css generator - classyfont
Classyfont is a font-face css generator with class names that simplifies the process of generating CSS styles for your fonts. With ClassyFont, you can easily customize the css generated code for your font-face. With classyfont effortlessly CSS is generated so say goodbye to manually writing CSS styles for your fonts. ClassyFont automates this process, generating the necessary CSS code for your selected font styles. This saves you time and ensures accuracy in your web development projects. See real-time previews of of your font styles as you make adjustments. ClassyFont operates as an online tool, so there’s no need to download or install anything. You can access it from any device with an internet connection, making it convenient for on-the-go web development.
A Deep Dive into Airbnb’s Server-Driven UI System
How Airbnb ships features faster across web, iOS, and Android using a server-driven UI system named Ghost Platform 👻.


Faster compilation with the parallel front-end in nightly | Rust Blog
Empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software.
Managed and Self-Managed MongoDB Hosting - Which to choose and why? | DigitalOcean
This article talks about the pros and cons of managed and self-managed database hosting for MongoDB users.
Performance insights: Guards, Time and Modern Java Features | Penna
Simple code can bear great performance benefits
Feature Freeze for JDK 22: What Will the New Edition Bring? - JVM Weekly vol. 63
Starting today, Java enters the next Rampdown phase – this means that the feature list has been frozen and no further new features are to be expected. Therefore, we will go through the complete list.
Why Type Safety is Important
This article takes a deep dive into type safety, language features that enable type safety, and why type safety is a good idea.


Advanced usage patterns for taking page element screenshots with Playwright
In this post, I will show you some advanced usage patterns for working with Playwright in order to take a screenshot of a specific element and modify the contents of the image, either before taking the screenshot or after, using image preprocessing tools.


Certi: Your Python-Based SSL Transparency Log Monitoring Tool
Prometheus and centralized storage: When you need it, how it works, and what Mimir is
Discover which Prometheus-based storage architecture meets scalability and high availability requirements. Get familiarized with Mimir and its design. Compare the features of different possible Prometheus setups.
npm-sbom | npm Docs
Generate a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)
Anti-patterns in event modelling - Clickbait event -
Event-Driven by Oskar Dudycz