Moving on to something new. First Step PDF.js
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Moving on to something new. First Step PDF.js

Moving on to something new. First Step PDF.js

So XMP part of the image embedding library did not work after several attempts with several different technologies by several different people. Now that project is abandoned for a newer technology that will be used later on. That technology will not be available for now so now I will be moving to solve bugs or add features in different projects.

I'm going to be starting off with something familiar and something I use on a regular basis: PDF.js. Specifically I will be working on this feature of adding a preview of links within the PDF viewer. My current research had lead me to this library that has potential. I have yet to examine the code properly and work with adding this external library to PDF.js, but things do look promising.

In the future I plan to contribute to other open source projects such as Gnome and XFCE. However, to start things I will be working on something familiar just to get in the routine of working like this again.

Hopefully everything works out well.


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