Continued work on Release 0.2

Continued work on Release 0.2

Trying to login through Persona

Persona is an easy way to login to a websites without a password.  Webmaker uses the persona login system to track the users activity on the website.  Trying to login through the persona system through a Firefox add-on has been more difficult than originally thought.

Using a login button


I gabbed the login button from the developer website.  However, the login button produces an error when clicked.  The following image shows the error itself.


I believe following error occurs because the persona login system is not being called by a website but  rather an add-on.  The system requires that a website request a login because it associates the website and the browser identity with the email provided by the user.  So I tried a different method.

Using an iframe

The second method I tried to login with persona is to use an iframe that is pointed to


The iframe loads the webmaker website and when the extension is loaded.  However, this method fails as well as the following image shows.


This error states that relay frame could not be found.

I believe this problem can be solved by using a custom made node.js application that interfaces with the persona login system.