Newsletter #5: Pivoting to development specific news

Originally with this new letter I intended to aggregate general technology and open-source new. But there are many different outlets already doing that. So, to make this newsletter more useful, I will be provided more development related news so the content will be more specific.

The newsletter will be organized into the following sections: Infrastructure, Backend, Frontend, and Testing.

Infrastructure Redirect to - What You Need to Know
Authors: Bob Killen (Google), Davanum Srinivas (AWS), Chris Short (AWS), Frederico Muñoz (SAS Institute), Tim Bannister (The Scale Factory), Ricky Sadowski (AWS), Grace Nguyen (Expo), Mahamed Ali (Rackspace Technology), Mars Toktonaliev (independent), Laura Santamaria (Dell), Kat Cosgrove (Dell)On…
Google’s cloud business turns profitable for the first time on record
Google has been investing heavily in cloud infrastructure to try and catch Amazon and Microsoft, but the unit has been unprofitable until now.
Power over Ethernet (PoE) Explained - IT Pro Community
Overview Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows power to be carried over network cables. PoE devices are divided into two categories: Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) are devices that supply power over Ethernet cables. Examples are PoE Switches, PoE Network Cards, PoE Injectors, and PoE Fiber Media Converte…
GitHub Actions in Rust
Rust is a great language to create GitHub actions. In this post, I’ll walk through how I created the ngerakines/pr-has-issues-action GitHub action.For some context, I wanted a lightweight way to validate the content of a PR, specifically to ensure that the title and body are both not empty and cont…


Twitter makes its API free for public announcement accounts
Twitter, reversing strategy, is making its API free to use to accounts that post public announcements such as weather alerts.
WebContainers now run on Safari, iOS, and iPadOS
You can now enjoy the interactive code examples and playgrounds right from an iPhone or iPad.
Exposing a Rust Library to Node with Napi-rs
Short guide/exploration on making native node addons with rust
Node.js 20 is now available! | Node.js
Node.js® is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.
Announcing Rust 1.69.0 | Rust Blog
Empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software.


Testing Feature Support for Modern CSS | Modern CSS Solutions
How do you know using a new CSS features is “safe” to use? Review how to find information on new features, test for support, determine when to use a feature, and manage support with fallbacks and build tools.
The “const” Deception
The “const” keyword in JavaScript is used to create constants, variables that can’t change. Curiously, though, we do seem to be able to edit objects and arrays that are created using “const”. In this tutorial, we’re going to dig into the incredibly-important distinction between “assignment” and “mut…
The End of Front-End Development
Large language models like GPT-4 are becoming increasingly capable, at an alarming rate. Within a couple of years, we won’t need developers any more! …Or at least, that’s the narrative going viral on Twitter. I’m much more optimistic about what these AI advancements mean for the future of software d…
The Future (and the Past) of the Web is Server Side Rendering
A brief history about server-side rendering and why it’s the right approach for modern web development.
The Benefits of Server Side Rendering Over Client Side Rendering
Most of our pages on are using server side rendering (henceforth SSR) with only a few unique exceptions.
The State of Frontend 2022
Based on surveys filled in by 3073 developers from 125 countries, the State of Frontend 2022 is supported by 19 expert commentaries about frontend trends and the future.


Writing Unit Tests in Node.js Using Jest - Semaphore
Learn how to write and run high-quality unit tests in Node.js using the popular testing framework Jest.
Are you responsible for fixing the bugs/errors you find?
by u/phantomlullaby in QualityAssurance
Quality Software has no Cost only Value
Quality does not cost anything. The lack of quality results in an unexpected cost explosion later in the software engineering process. A…
Sharad Sadadekar on the 5 most common security fails - ET CIO
Veteran cybersecurity leader Sharad Sadadekar shares the 5 most common cybersecurity mistakes organizations tend to make and how to avoid them.
Microsoft announces new tool to find, fix bugs at scale - ET CIO
Microsoft has introduced a new tool on its open source repository GitHub that will further help developers and security researchers find and remove critical bugs.