Impressions of GPL and Skype licenses

Impressions on the GPL and Skype licenses.

3 Things that struck me about Skype license:

  • Section 11.3 which stated that an account can be terminated if its inactive for over a year
  • Section 11.4 which states that in case of account termination you have to destroy all copies you have and uninstall the software from systems
  • Section 12.3 where it states that Skype can be liable for some damages but immediately after in section 12.4 contradicts by saying no liability

3 Things that struck me about GPL license:

  • Section 9 which states that simply have a copy of an property with the license does not require you to accept the license
  • Section 10 says that the recipient of the property automatically gets the license so licensor does not have to enforce compliance
  • Section 13 that states any work licensed under GPL can be combined with work under Affero GPL to be considered as one license